Don’t Forget to Get Angry

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As a Life Coach with a business name like “My One HAPPY Life”, it’s not often you expect to see the words “Don’t Forget to Get Angry” in my blog posts.

Being angry does have a place in my life, even though it might not happen very often or I may not outwardly express it. But on last week, I decided it was appropriate to invite anger in. (more…)

3 Concepts to Help You Let Go

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Over the weekend, I did the unthinkable; I began chipping away at the clutter in my basement. It seems the older I get, the more I become annoyed by “stuff”. Perhaps it’s wisdom that comes with age and the realization that I don’t need all this stuff to survive; I can’t take it with me in the next life anyway. I decided one storage bin of pictures was feasible and began. (more…)

Know What Feels Right; Know What Feels True

As I visit the Assisted Living facility where my father lives each morning, I witness many things. Most mornings, I have the pleasure of seeing several employees as I walk in as well as some residents who are just beginning their day. This morning was no different. I was greeted by several residents; some in wheelchairs, some with a walker, all with smiles on their faces.

As I made my way to my Dad’s apartment and entered, I enjoyed the smell of coffee brewing from the hallway. I love the ritual we’ve created together each morning: we recall the events of the evening before, we discuss any upcoming events of the new day and then talk about whatever comes to mind while he brings me my first cup of coffee. We have created such a beautiful “flow” in the short time he has been in Ohio. I’ve come to love this time. It is our time. (more…)

Release What No Longer Serves You

Yesterday as I was chatting with my Dad, we had a very deep conversation about the “here and now” and his comfort level with where he is, both physically and mentally.

We discussed the progress he has made over the past month and how much of the month before that was a blur to him (when he was in the hospital and in step-down rehab). He remembered bits and pieces of the airport transport back to Ohio and that was it. If I could be thankful about anything, it would be that the ‘darker’ parts of the journey we walked were completely beyond his recollection. (more…)

Know That Love Will Prevail


Many of you read about my recent journey with my Dad and over the past few weeks, there were periods of time where I wasn’t certain where my pathway would lead me. On this journey, I encountered many surprises, unexpected obstacles and a lot more complication than I preferred. However, I also encountered a multitude of “signs” from my angels and guides and more “God-winks” than one could ever imagine on this journey; I wouldn’t have traded them for anything. (more…)

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Nearly a week ago, I shared a piece of my heart with many and asked for unconditional love and support as I embarked on a new chapter in my earthly journey with my father. At that point in time, I had learned about his diagnosis of dementia and that it would not improve. Since then, I have learned that he needs 24 hour care; greater than what is provided in his current surroundings. (more…)

The Heart Knows


I have been in Key West for over a week as my father was taken to the hospital via Emergency squad 2+ weeks ago. On May 28, he went unconscious after having several seizures. Upon being admitted to the hospital, it was evident that he was experiencing acute alcohol withdrawal. (more…)

The Same Moon


My Dad has been my best friend for 44 years. Many daughters might say the same, but anyone who knows Dad and I would agree that we are two peas in a pod.

Eight years ago, he moved from Ohio to Key West to start a new life; hopeful that he could live authentically and simply with his partner. (more…)

Why I Believe in Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn

The first time I saw this picture, I thought “awwww”. To me, it’s a representation of cuteness, happiness, creativity and transformation all wrapped into one. There have been several articles on this creature on the internet along with multiple You Tube videos. This little cutie has made quite a name with the caption “Because sometimes, you need a Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten!”

Do you think this magical creature exists in “real life”? I absolutely do. Let me tell you why.

Freedom and Truth For All

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to take my twin teenagers to the Big Apple. I’ve traveled to New York City several times for business, but have never had the opportunity to travel there for pleasure. Luckily, I’ve been to the city several times and had a lay of the land, so I was proud of myself for successfully navigating these two young adults through the chaos of Times Square, the cab ride to and from the Financial District and a walk through Bryant Park. For many, New York is a place of BUSY-ness. For me, it’s a very peaceful place, a place full of wonder and beauty. (more…)