Why I Believe in Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn

The first time I saw this picture, I thought “awwww”. To me, it’s a representation of cuteness, happiness, creativity and transformation all wrapped into one. There have been several articles on this creature on the internet along with multiple You Tube videos. This little cutie has made quite a name with the caption “Because sometimes, you need a Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten!”

Do you think this magical creature exists in “real life”? I absolutely do. Let me tell you why.

“The world is as a looking glass…”

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I looked in the mirror and smiled. The smile was there because I’ve learned to love the reflection of the soul looking back at me. Once upon a time (a few years ago), I looked in the mirror and had nothing but bad things to say directly to that reflection:

“You’re too soft.”
“You can’t handle this.”
“You suck as a mother.”
“You’ll never make him happy.”

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that I (with the miraculous support team I call my Tribe) have gathered the ability and strength to address each of those lies, question the hell out of them, then turn them around into statements I now identify as my truth.