Live Your Longing

Live Your Longing

You have everything you could possibly need or want in your life. From the outside looking in, you may even have what others would call a ‘charmed life’.  The career, the spouse or partner, the family, the home, the car(s)…

You’re doing all the things you were expected to do, in the right order, by the book. If you haven’t done it that way, everyone thinks you have because you’ve done a great job at putting your best foot forward and have worked diligently to make sure that everyone around you has what they need to be successful.

But, there’s this ONE THING…

You’ve sensed a deep longing in your soul and you seek a deeper meaning or purpose for your life.

  • Have you felt ’empty’ when you think you should feel ‘full’?
  • Do you feel guilty for wanting more, perhaps the one thing you don’t have?
  • Has your inner voice been screaming at you, but you’ve tried to dismiss it or ‘shush’ it?
  • Do you think the possibility of something even better than what you’re experiencing now seems unlikely?
  • Do you feel like you need the approval from others to do the things you really want to do?
  • Is the gravitational pull of a deeper meaning and purpose in your life simply unexplainable and as a result, you’re a little freaked out?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you may be living your life on the surface; just going through the motions.

Going through the motions? Why is that so bad? Life is busy and too short to sit idle, right? Life is meant to be embraced and lived to the fullest! Every moment should be savored! Isn’t that how it works?

Well yes, it is. But what you may not realize is that doing is actually an escape from the gift of being.

List making, multi-tasking, inventorying, burning the candle at both ends to maximize efficiency, dilly-dallying…all distractions from being.

Think about this – if you’re constantly responding by doing, and reacting like a busy-body, how will you ever hear your heart saying “HELL YES!”?

Hand-drawn hearts in several colours.

Isn’t it time you began listening to your heart?

Imagine this…what if:

  • The things you only dreamed about were possible and became real?
  • You woke up tomorrow and felt NO GUILT for having that deep longing? Instead of feeling guilty, you made it happen!
  • Your inner voice said “You must do/be/go (fill in the blank)” and you said, “YES!”?
  • You no longer need approval from those around you in order to feel valued.
  • You feel like you belong EXACTLY where you are; you KNOW you are supposed to be here.
  • You don’t think you’re good enough, you know you’re good enough.
  • You aren’t worried about what’s next in life because you’re confident in all things around you and within you.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.
An opportunity to finally uncover what the deep longing in your soul is calling you to experience.

This is your opportunity for deeper meaning, for deeper purpose.
This is your opportunity to reclaim your heart as your own.

I help to create the pathway, we take the steps together, but the individual work is yours.

This is an investment in yourself.
This is an investment in your heart.
This is an investment in your soul

If this resonates with you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Heart to Heart Session.
There is no obligation to move forward. But consider where you are today…

How much longer do you want to live your life merely ‘going through the motions’?
|How long do you want to remain ‘numb’?

These 30 minutes may be the beginning of the rest of your soul-filled life.

You are worth it.

You were born to live a life of purpose and
were meant to thrive!
There is nothing that you cannot do or be or have.

I understand you have a job, a family, a life…that you might feel as if you can’t ‘drop everything’ or ‘do whatever you want’. However, you can learn to listen to your heart. It can be done.
Reclaiming your heart is a journey.

If you are ready to break the pattern of ‘going through the motions’ and of living life in the shallow end, 
If you are ready to eliminate your pain due to existing in a state of ‘numbness’, I have developed a program that will transform the deep longing you have into soul-filled living.

Live Your Longing

A Transformation From Deep Longing
to Soul-Filled Living

As we walk this journey together, we will begin by learning about how you got to where you are so you can understand your longing. Once we understand your longing, we will dive deeper to learn your desires and underlying needs so we can better define your longing.

Finally, with your permission we will create the vision and pathway to your soul filled life of purpose.
Together, we will walk this journey over 12 weeks.  By the time you complete this program, you will have the clarity and confidence necessary to live the longing within you that you once only dreamed about.

SEGMENT ONE (Weeks 1-4)

Understand Your Longing

Before we discover what you long for, it’s important to discover exactly how you arrived at this point in your life.
During this time we will:

  • Set intentions for our journey and work together.
  • With your permission, we will explore your life and discuss moments that gave you joy, happiness, pride and freedom; we will also explore moments that were less than joyful, perhaps even painful or disappointing.
  • Discuss the choices you’ve made throughout your life: choices in relationships, in career, in love.
  • Learn the underlying beliefs that have influenced your choices thus far in your life, and…
  • Delve into the fears that may be preventing you from making other choices.

Once we have built a foundation together and have a better understanding of your history, your beliefs, your choices and your fears, we will begin to find the source of your longing.

SEGMENT TWO (Weeks 5-8)

Define Your Longing

There is a deep longing within your soul that did not get there overnight. In fact, your heart has likely been sending you messages for years. In order to listen to your heart, we must quiet the mind.
In this leg of our journey:

  • You will learn how to quiet your mind simply by breathing.
  • We will explore the connection between your mind and your body.
  • We will discover how feelings, emotions, and sensations manifest themselves in the body.
  • You will learn tools that are simple but powerful; tools that will help you find clarity in any situation.

After the second month of working together, you will notice greater clarity in your life and you will behave more instinctively in your daily routine. Because we took the opportunity to understand first, then opened your heart to receive, your calling will emerge and your purpose will become more evident. Are you ready to embrace it?

SEGMENT THREE (Weeks 9-12)

Living Your Soul-Filled Life

Your calling has emerged and you’re closer than ever to saying “YES” to your heart’s desire. With your permission, we work as a team to create the vision and pathway to your soul-filled life. To assist you on your journey, we will:

  • Explore your goals, no matter how wild or improbable they may seem.
  • Walk through your ideal day in the life you want to live.
  • Create a holistic vision for your soul filled life. We will see it, touch it, feel it, experience it!
  • Create the groundwork for moving forward, one small step at a time.

By the end of our work together…

You will have a level of clarity in your life that you’ve never had.
You will operate from a place of confidence and knowing.
You will know who you are, what you represent and what you want…
…and you will be able to ask for it (and graciously receive it)!

You will have accomplished in 12 weeks what most people never accomplish in their lifetime.