You, Version 2

For you, it’s possible that overall, life looks pretty good.  You’re blessed.  You’re in pretty good health.  On the surface, you’ve got it ‘going on’.

But beneath the surface, you’re struggling


  • You feel like you can’t make choices without asking permission.

  • You constantly apologize for yourself
  • You want to be perceived as “good or nice”.  You want to be liked.  Approval is validation to you.
  • You’re afraid of failure and afraid of letting people down
  • You feel guilty for taking time for yourself and when you do….and try to to relax, you can’t
  • You continue to make the same choices, behave in the same ways, yet you really want things to look different for yourself…

    …but then you feel bad because you haven’t changed. 

It’s an endless cycle.  It’s exhausting.  You really just want to do what YOU want to do and say what YOU want to say without feeling bad or guilty.

This is no way to live, but you don’t know where to start. 

The good news is, I know why you’re so stuck and missing out on a life that you want to call YOURS; because I’ve been there too.  Thankfully, I’ve figured out how to emerge on the other side and trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too.

If you are tired of burning the candle at both ends, trying to make everyone happy… 

If you are tired of making the same choices, behaving in the same ways for weeks (or months…or years….), and you want things to look different…

If you have tried to evolve, but haven’t quite moved to the next dimension…

If you want to stop feeling like your life is spinning out of control or that you’re lost or powerless in your journey…

If you want to talk time for yourself without feeling guilty…

If you want to speak what’s REALLY on your mind without being afraid of what others might think…





If this resonates with you, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 60 minute Heart to Heart Strategy Session.
There is no obligation to move forward. But consider where you are today…

How much longer do you want to live your life feeling guilty or disappointed in yourself?

How long do you want to feel powerless or out of control?

These 60 minutes may be the beginning of the rest of your life as the “new you”.

You future self will thank you.

We are all different; we’ve come from different circumstances and we all have different experiences.  

Some of us have evolved into different thought and behavior patterns…and conversely, some of us may not have reached this point in our lives yet.

However, we must all learn to evolve with time and the same thoughts that brought you to this point in your life may no longer serve you if you want to get to a better place. 

 Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. And though Every next level of your life will demand a different version of us…we must be prepared to meet that version and shift to realize the beautiful souls that we are to become.

If you are ready to commit to the investment in yourself, I have developed a program that will help you transform into the best version of yourself .

You, Version 2

because Every step of your journey

will demand a different version of you

What are you waiting for?

During this 6 week program, you will learn more about yourself than ever before.  
You will learn concepts and tools that will help you change the way you think about things, that will help you change your behavior…that will help you change your life permanently.

By the time you complete this program, you will have the understanding, clarity and confidence necessary to live your life the way YOU want to live it, GUILT FREE.

WEEK 1 - A Better You

Seek first to understand, then be understood. You’ve reached a breaking point and you’re well aware that you want to become a better person.  During this week, we will discuss your level of awareness and better understand our “ego self” and “soul self”.  We will set intentions for our journey together and learn your story…the story that brought you to where you are today and the story that will move you to a different place. 

WEEK 2 - What's Your Story?

Building on the work we do in the first week, we will take a deeper dive into your story and examine common themes.  We will discern between truth and limiting beliefs and we will move deeper into our thoughts, using The Work of Byron Katie and other tools. 

WEEK 3 - The Change Process

We have done The Work to further examine our thoughts; in week 3, we discuss the change process and how our circumstances impact our thoughts; and how our thoughts ultimately impact what results show up in our lives.  Once we understand the correlation, we can change our lives permanently.

WEEK 4 - Getting Out of Your Head

Our thoughts are a big part of the change process (change your mind, change your life!), but another big part of the change process includes the awareness of our mind- body connection.  Our minds can hold us captive, but our bodies never lie. This week, we will learn the meaning of the phrase “Trust Your Gut”

WEEK 5 - Dealing With Resistance

As we start to evolve, we begin to think about things differently.  We choose new thoughts, which ultimately lead to new behaviors and results.  Sometimes, the people we surround ourselves with are not prepared for the new you and may try to sabotage your progress.  This week, we learn about resistance and learn healthy techniques to cope with resistance in our lives as we evolve.

WEEK 6 - Dreaming into You

Once you begin to understand more about yourself and learn to listen to your soul self, we will create the groundwork for moving forward, one small step at a time. Not only will we set goals, we will dream big to live big.

By the end of our work together…

You will have a level of clarity in your life that you’ve never had.
You will operate from a place of confidence and knowing.
You will know who you are, what you represent and what you want…
…and you will be able to ask for it (and graciously receive it)!

 You will have accomplished in 6 weeks what you have never been able to accomplish before
(and what most people cannot accomplish).