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A happy and passionate employee
is the best kind of employee.

I have been a leader in large organizations for over 20 years. I understand what organizations want from their employees. More importantly, I understand how employees feel when they compromise themselves to give extensively to their employers.

In your organization, you want the best people who will do the best possible job. It has been proven again and again that in order to get the best from your employee, they wish to be satisfied in return. Employees want to have passion for their career and happiness relative to the job they do.

However, happiness with job or career is only part of the equation…just as importantly, employees must be happy with who they are.

Over the years, my passion has been mentoring and motivating others; not only through one-on-one coaching, but through sharing of powerful messages in small and large groups alike. In a corporate world, the message of the organization is always prevalent; and it is your organization’s mission to ensure employees hear that message first and foremost.

As a speaker to your employees who are so diligently trying to give their ‘all’, my message goes a bit deeper:

You are perfectly suited to be where you are, right here and right now.

  • You can give of yourself to make your organization successful and still feel balanced in life.
  • You can be YOU; you do not have to conform to a mold or fit in a box to be successful.
  • It is normal to want to be ‘liked’, but true freedom begins when you learn to like yourself first instead of loving the idea of other people liking you.
  • You define your own success (inasmuch as your organization defines theirs).

Yes! I am interested in learning more about a speaking engagement or workshop with Julie.

Whether you are looking for a 30 minute motivational message of encouragement for your team or a workshop to build inner strength and cohesiveness in your group (or something in between), I look forward to working with you!

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