Why You Need to Do Nothing

Back view of woman sitting on park bench.

“I need to do nothing.”

How often do you hear that phrase? Typically, the phrases I hear most often in my world sound like this:
“I have so much to do, I don’t know where to start.”
“I feel like I’m drowning!”
“I have 10 places to be at once”
“There are too many deliverables!”
“I feel like all I do is run my kids all over the place!”
“Let me check my calendar.”

Don’t Forget to Get Angry

A woman screaming with crazy expression

As a Life Coach with a business name like “My One HAPPY Life”, it’s not often you expect to see the words “Don’t Forget to Get Angry” in my blog posts.

Being angry does have a place in my life, even though it might not happen very often or I may not outwardly express it. But on last week, I decided it was appropriate to invite anger in. (more…)

Know What Feels Right; Know What Feels True

As I visit the Assisted Living facility where my father lives each morning, I witness many things. Most mornings, I have the pleasure of seeing several employees as I walk in as well as some residents who are just beginning their day. This morning was no different. I was greeted by several residents; some in wheelchairs, some with a walker, all with smiles on their faces.

As I made my way to my Dad’s apartment and entered, I enjoyed the smell of coffee brewing from the hallway. I love the ritual we’ve created together each morning: we recall the events of the evening before, we discuss any upcoming events of the new day and then talk about whatever comes to mind while he brings me my first cup of coffee. We have created such a beautiful “flow” in the short time he has been in Ohio. I’ve come to love this time. It is our time. (more…)