The Gift of (Father) Time

Last weekend, I helped my father move into his new apartment. It was a day we had been anticipating for quite some time and was a milestone marker in his continued improvement since relocating to Ohio unexpectedly last June.

As we were unpacking, I came across a familiar figurine, fondly referred to in our family as “Father Time”. My first memory of Father Time was from my pre-school years, as he sat on my grandparents mantle. Over the years, my grandparents moved from home to home and Father Time was always in plain view. (more…)

The Miracle of Detachment

I was traveling on business last week to Jersey City, NJ for a full day meeting that started at 8am; then into New York City for a function that evening, back to Jersey City to sleep and back to Ohio by 8:30 the next morning.

Traveling in and out of anywhere in 24 hours is always a little rough, but when it comes to New York City, I typically jump at the opportunity. What made it a little more palatable is knowing that my cousin (also from Ohio) was also in town. We never made solid plans, but knew we would both be in the city that evening.

Don’t Forget to Get Angry

A woman screaming with crazy expression

As a Life Coach with a business name like “My One HAPPY Life”, it’s not often you expect to see the words “Don’t Forget to Get Angry” in my blog posts.

Being angry does have a place in my life, even though it might not happen very often or I may not outwardly express it. But on last week, I decided it was appropriate to invite anger in. (more…)

Release What No Longer Serves You

Yesterday as I was chatting with my Dad, we had a very deep conversation about the “here and now” and his comfort level with where he is, both physically and mentally.

We discussed the progress he has made over the past month and how much of the month before that was a blur to him (when he was in the hospital and in step-down rehab). He remembered bits and pieces of the airport transport back to Ohio and that was it. If I could be thankful about anything, it would be that the ‘darker’ parts of the journey we walked were completely beyond his recollection. (more…)